M&T Bank Presents CEOs You Should Know

M&T Bank Presents CEOs You Should Know

Get to know the area's most influential CEOs close up and personal.Full Bio


Lisa Anderson, Founder and CEO, Anavo Transformation Solutions

Lisa Anderson, Founder and CEO of Anavo Transformation Solutions, knows first hand the difficulties and challenges of scaling a business. Lisa grew her business from startup to a multi million dollar enterprise, something less than 1.2 percent of women entrepreneurs in the US can claim.

But hitting the seven-figure mark forced Lisa to look at her life and take inventory of the things she placed above her family, her health and herself.

The light bulb blazed after playing hooky with her now college educated daughters – on a Monday. In all the fun, her girls told her that was the first time she had ever ditched work on a weekday just to be with them. That’s when she realized she needed to make a change.

She went on a mission to have it all and, you guessed it, she managed to accomplish that too. She knew there had to be a way to remain a powerful business leader while still making time for her husband and her daughters, taking more vacations and spending precious moments with her aging mother. That’s when she uncovered the methods that created the balance between booming business and the priorities in her personal life.

One of Lisa's mantras is, “numbers tell a story and they never lie.” She teaches her clients to understand what the numbers in their businesses are really saying to help address red flags before they become black holes that drain essential resources.

Lisa's track-record speaks for itself. After 30 years of hard work, she has helped launch and grow hundreds of small businesses while training entrepreneurs to be leaders in their industries.

Lisa uncovered the methods that created consistent business growth. Now she teaches others how to follow those methods. Lisa teaches business owners how to turn a business into a profitable, scalable and sustainable asset

Lisa is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Government Contracts Expert, Former Adjunct Instructor, and a Serial Entrepreneur.  

Lisa and her team stand ready to help you and your business grow.

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