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M&T Bank Presents CEOs You Should Know

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TurboHaul provides regular service to thousands of apartment complexes...


The old adage goes “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

In 1987, the need was for me to have enough money for tuition, books, rent, and possibly some food. Meeting this need meant that I would do almost any job that wasn’t illegal or immoral, as long as the price was right. This standard for accepting work led me into some interesting situations, but it also gave me broad experience.

Much of what I did was in the moving, landscaping, and construction industries, but I also worked in liquidation for an estate attorney and shipping and receiving in retail.

As I worked over the years I started to notice a pattern. Much of my work seemed to involve the transport of material. People seemed to be willing to pay good money to get “stuff” moved to where it needed to be. Much of the “stuff” people wanted moved they never wanted to see again.

In 1991, I bought a baby blue, 1968 VW bus for $900 from a very stoned surfer. It lacked a center seat already and by modifying the rear seat so that it would lay down I was able to give myself quite a payload capacity. Through the use of this formidable vehicle the beginnings of Turbo Haul began to emerge.

I began to haul everything-- and that bus was magic! I moved contents of whole apartments. I cleaned out entire garages .I hauled large trees to recycling in one trip (cut up in very small pieces).I recycled tons of cardboard. I ended up with a colony of ants living in my van. But I also made some money and learned a lot about hauling.

In 1992, I sold that beautiful van and moved to Maryland to finish my undergraduate degree in Logistics and Transportation at the University of Maryland’s School of Business. My financial needs remained, and I landed a job with a small, residential, property management company. I eventually was managing a number of low-income properties and found they all shared a never ending supply of old furniture, appliances and junk that they needed to get rid of in a hurry. During this time, I began to catch a vision of the commercial potential for bulk trash disposal and recycling.

After terrible experiences with hiring local “junk to the dump” haulers to meet my properties’ needs, I started to experiment with hauling material from my own properties and neighboring ones. Lacking my VW bus, I rented a U-haul truck, hauled a lot, and learned even more.

I left property management in the beginning of 1995 and, with graduation getting near, I started to think about what I was going to do for a living. I knew I always wanted to work for myself and the more I thought about it the more I felt it was now or never.

For the next six months leading up to graduation, I worked on developing a business plan and operational procedures for a “bulk trash hauling company.” My one credit card was maxed out to purchase a computer from Montgomery Wards (of all places), print invoices and purchase other needed supplies. On July 5th, 2005 TurboHaul officially launched and hauled its first load of bulk trash for a customer.

Lacking any capital to purchase a truck, U-haul trucks were rented on an as-needed basis. My deepest apologies to U-haul for what was hauled in their trucks at times.

After six months, I maxed out my dear school teacher mother’s credit card for the down payment on a used truck. The truck body was specifically designed to best meet the needs of commercial bulk trash hauling and the first TurboHaul Bulk Trash Truck was born with more than twice the capacity of any competitor.

Over the next 25 years, through the use of innovative equipment, modern management techniques, the latest technologies and good old-fashioned customer service (not to mention calloused hands and sore backs), Turbo Haul grew into the largest single operation in the country specializing in commercial bulk trash and junk removal.

TurboHaul provides regular service to thousands of apartment complexes and commercial buildings throughout the Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia and Raleigh, NC. We haul over 16 million pounds of material a year and have recycled approximately 50 million pounds of material since our beginning.

TurboHaul continues to innovate with equipment, programs and processes specifically designed for commercial bulk trash and junk removal. The most recent examples are our 45 cubic yard capacity ‘Super Truck’ soon to hit the road and our amazing mattress and box-spring recycling program.

In 2021, we will begin to sell TurboHaul franchises throughout the Mid-Atlantic. We are excited to share our proven business model with others and expand to a national presence in the coming years.

Kevin Daly grew up in a small town in Northern California with his mother and three brothers. In high school he lettered in three sports and graduated as valedictorian.

After high school, Mr. Daly spent two years doing missionary work and service with Southeast Asian refugees in the Washington D.C. area. He still speaks functional Vietnamese.

In 1995, he graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland at College Park School of Business with a dual degree in Logistics and Marketing.While pursuing his college degree he worked for a number of years in the construction and property management industries. During this time Mr. Daly developed a business plan for a new company in the waste management industry that would specialize in the removal and disposal of bulk trash -- primarily for residential and commercial property management firms.

Immediately after graduating from The University of Maryland, Mr. Daly launched TurboHaul. Mr. Daly has acted as President and CEO of TurboHaul since its incorporation. Over the last twenty-five years, Mr. Daly has grown TurboHaul from one rented U-Haul truck to a five-million-dollar company with over thirty-five trucks and forty-five full-time employees.

Mr. Daly stays active in his community coaching and playing soccer, and working with the youth in his church. He enjoys mixed martial arts, reading historical accounts, and playing most any kind of sport. He currently resides in Maryland with his wife, Christine, and four of their eight children still living at home.

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