Shady Grove, Rockville Metro stations reopen Sunday

After a four-month shutdown, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority said its Shady Grove and Rockville Metro stations on the red line will reopen on Sunday, January 16.

During the station closures, construction crews worked to rebuild the platform canopy at Rockville Station, install safety and communications improvements at Shady Grove and Rockville stations, and advance safety-critical track work.

“We look forward to welcoming customers back to Rockville and Shady Grove stations this week. While station closures cause inconvenience at the time, the work is a sign of our commitment to infrastructure and maintenance improvements to ensure safety and reliability for our customers,” said Metro General Manager/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld in a statement. “Metro’s capital improvement program continues to advance projects that ensure a state of good repair for regional transit infrastructure.” 


Photo: Getty Images

At the Rockville station, Metro riders can expect improvement to platforms including brighter lights, upgraded speakers and digital passenger information screens. At Shady Grove, the platform canopy, roof and escalators have been repaired. Both stations will also receive new, upgraded faregates.

The closures also allowed for crews to work on tracks between the two stations including repairs to the signal system, track maintenance, third-rail power cable inspections and repairs, and switch machine replacement, WMATA said.

The stations will reopen on January 16, 2022, and free shuttle service will end on Friday, January 15.

Additional work will continue after the stations open. While the new canopy at Rockville Station provides cover for customers, it remains temporarily unfinished while Metro determines the best type of exterior panels needed to complete the project. 

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