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Dealing With All This Stress, Through Fried Chicken

Close-Up Of Fried Chicken In Plate

See that picture above? Looks glorious, doesn't it? I'm salivating as I write this. I am a lover of the fried-fried. I really don't even need the chicken part...just that crispy, golden skin. To me, Fried Chicken is the ULTIMATE comfort food....and right now, we all could use some comfort. A lot of the fast food chicken joints (read: all of them) want you to indulge in their fried deliciousness, to help you cope with what's going on in our crazy world right now.

Chick Fil A is doing Family Meals. They're supposed to be for a family of 4, but I quite possibly could shovel in this whole deal on my own:

Chick Fil A Family Meal Deal

KFC wants you to get a bucket of golden fattiness for your fam there:

KFC Bucket of Nugs

And, Popeyes had a pretty tone deaf ad campaign recently, where they were giving away their Netflix password to people stuck at home, eating their chicken:

Popeyes Netflix Campaign

What did I learn after writing this blog? I need some Fried-Fried, stat.

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