2 Dead After Lightning Struck Lafayette Park Near White House

Lightning in the night sky during a thunderstorm

Photo: Getty Images

NBC Washington has reported that a couple from Wisconsin have died after being struck by lightning in Washington DC's Lafayette Park on Thursday night as severe thunderstorms engulfed the region.

The couple, along with two other people, were reportedly near the park's statue of former President Andrew Jackson & a tree when the weather hit. The two other people were also struck and injured.

D.C. Fire and EMS Public Information Officer Vito Maggiolo shared that U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Park Police officers were on-site and rushed to the victims' aid.

David Root witness the incident as he had taken cover from the storms under another tree in the park.

“I was just in a state of shock. I just couldn't believe it. Was surreal. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life.”

With more storms believed to be on their way, DC's Fire & EMS team shared the following safety tips among others:

  • seek shelter inside
  • do not go under trees for shelter, nothing outdoors is safe during a thunderstorm
  • wait at least 30 minutes after hearing the last clap of thunder to leave your shelter

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