Maryland Governor Hogan Signs New Law Raising Minimum Marriage Age

pair of gold wedding rings lie in a red box close-up

Photo: Getty Images

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed over 100 new pieces of legislation into law on Thursday. One of them includes raising the legal age to marry in Maryland.

The law changes the minimum marriage age from 15 years old to 17 years old. There will also be more requirements for underage brides and grooms to follow before they can get married.

17-year-olds can only get married if they have the permission of each parent, guardian or legal custodian. If the 17-year-old does not get permission of a parent, guardian or legal custodian, they can petition the court to argue that they are self-sufficient and will be heard if they are entering a marriage under their own power.

The law will go into effect October 1.

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