Maryland Woman Defends Herself Against Man with Restraining Orders

A Maryland woman shot and killed a man who she claimed was stalking her after she filed two restraining orders against him.

The victim of the shooting is being described as a "serial domestic abuser" and a "disgraced ex-police officer" with a record of violence.

No charges have been filed against the woman, according to the Frederick County Sheriff's Office. She is fully cooperating in the investigation.

According to court records, the woman had filed two restraining orders against the deceased, 52-year-old Danny Ray Sidders, Jr. of Orlando, Florida.

Sidders allegedly "overpowered" the woman during a confrontation at their home in 2020. She claimed that there was "grabbing and hitting" during the incident.

In another altercation in 2021, the woman claims she barricaded herself in a room against Sidders, who threatened to rip the door off its hinges to get to her.

The woman claims that Sidders also was stalking her.

According to court records, the application for the restraining order noted that Sidders had prior law enforcement training, prior domestic violence convictions dating back to 2012, and was being treated for a personality disorder with medications.

Despite the restraining order, Sidders reportedly showed up to the Mt. Airy home where the woman was living and another domestic dispute broke out and he was shot and killed inside of the home.

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