Convoy Organizer Who Promised to Choke DC Is About 6 Vehicles Strong

The organizer who promised they were going to lead a convoy of trucks that would shut down the Capital Beltway is off to a bit of a rough start.

Bob Bolus, the organizer and convicted felon, left Scranton, PA Wednesday morning all alone. He waited in Scranton for an hour and 45 minutes after he originally planned to leave while waiting for others to join and after realizing he had two flat tires. He claimed to have "10 to 20 trucks" following him.

Well, at least one news reporter is following him.

Bolus started the convoy by driving his truck around downtown Scranton to rally support, which apparently was next to nothing.

Not long after starting the trip to the nation's capital, Bolus' convoy started pickup up some steam! Meaning following his 18-wheeler were 4-5 pickup trucks and SUVs. Other 18-wheelers in the vicinity ignored and passed him on the highway.

"I just watched the one of Bob Bolus’ own work trucks pass him on the highway and continue driving," the Reuters reporter, Julio Cesar-Chavez wrote on Twitter.

Since then, the "convoy" has managed to pick up no more than 14 additional vehicles. The most recent update says that Bolus lost some members of the convoy after stopping for breakfast and gas.

Cesar-Chavez asked him about the lack of truckers joining him, and he replied, "We’ve got a few cars…we’ve got people who see what we’re doing on social media and everyone else. It’s like having 10,000 people anyway."

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