One of the Baltimore Domino Sugars Sign Letters Is Up for Sale

If you remember, the iconic Domino Sugars neon sign, which has been a fixture near the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore since 1951, was recently replaced with an LED version that is supposedly better for the environment.

Well, it seems that the old sign was not trashed, at least not completely. That's because one of the letters from the sign, specifically the "r", is now up for sale.

Second Chance, a Baltimore-based nonprofit that specializes in deconstructing buildings and homes and salvages reusable items, is selling the letter.

The letter isn't listed for sale on their website, at least not yet, but Second Chance says to send them an email at if you're interested in learning more about buying it.

According to the Baltimore Sun in an article written last year, Second Chance also has or had other pieces of the sign that were salvageable. So could we see other letters up for sale to the public in the future as well?

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