Maryland Man Found Dead in Home with Over 100 Snakes, Some Venomous

A Maryland man was found dead in his home on Wednesday, and it was discovered that he had more than 100 snakes inside as well.

The Charles County man reportedly owned some snakes that are venomous and illegal in the state, and some nonvenomous ones as well.

A concerned neighbor of the man went to to the house to check on him after not seeing him for over a day. The neighbor saw through a window that the man, whose name and age have not been revealed to the public, had fallen down, and called 911 for help.

When first responders arrived, they found the man unresponsive... and 124 snakes. It's unclear at the time of this writing how the man died or if a snake was involved in his death..

Authorities say that the snakes were all in cages and appeared to be well taken care of. Some of the snakes found were cobras, pythons, black mambas and rattlesnakes. The cobras, rattlesnakes and black mambas are venomous and illegal to own in Maryland.

Animal control personnel from multiple jurisdictions came to the house to identify all of the snakes and to figure out what to do with all of them. They say the snakes pose no threat to public safety and that none of them appeared to have escaped.

One of the man's neighbors and Charles County Community Engagement Coordinator Doria Fleisher told FOX 5 DC, "This is a beautifully close neighborhood. Neighbors really take care of each other, help each other out, and I was asked by neighbors to share that the resident was a great guy, really kept an eye on each other. Everybody helped with each other's houses out of town. Nobody really had an idea that this was going to be an issue, they were not aware that there were snakes in the house."

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