The New Washington Football Team Name and Logo Has Apparently Leaked, Again

Last week, the Washington Football Team revealed that the franchise's new name and logo would be revealed on February 2nd. But it didn't take long for the new name to apparently be leaked.

Shortly after the announcement was made, the web domain briefly redirected to the official WFT home page before switching to a few other non-related websites, leading many to believe it was a slip-up that shouldn't have happened. Or on purpose to create a diversion.

But just a couple of days ago, a photo of what appears to be a merchandise page surfaced on reddit, showing the team's new name and logo. Except this one has the team as the Washington Commanders.

The teaser video released by the team showed a few glimpses of the new uniforms. Naturally, the franchise is sticking with the burgundy and gold, but it seems the new leaked photos do match up with some of the stitching.

We'll find out for sure on February 2nd.

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