Washington Football New Name Possibly Leaked Ahead of Official Reveal

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles

Photo: Getty Images

On Tuesday morning, the Washington Football Team announced that the new name and logo for the franchise will be revealed on February 2nd. But it appears the name may have possibly leaked already.

The team reportedly had narrowed down the list of names to eight possible candidates back in September, and the team announced Tuesday that Wolves and Redwolves were out of the running due to copyrights.

But briefly after the announcement, one of the potential names, Admirals, appeared to be the new name of the team. That's because for a few minutes, the website WashingtonAdmirals.com redirected to WashingtonFootball.com, the team's official site. It has since started redirecting to a website related to the University of Virginia athletics, who are named the Cavaliers.

Although a new name and logo are set to be officially released in the coming weeks, the burgundy and gold colorway is here to stay from what appears in a teaser video.

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