Washington Football Team Player Punches Teammate on Sideline

To have their hopes of making it into the playoffs stay alive, the Washington Football Team desperately needed a win against their rivals the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. Instead, they were treated to a 56-14 blowout loss, dropping them to 6-9 on the season and reducing their playoff chances significantly.

To make matters worse, tensions boiled over on the sidelines when defensive tackles Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne got into a scuffle on the sidelines.

NBC TV cameras caught the two arguing. Payne, who is seen standing, appears to jab a finger to the side of Allen's head, who is sitting on the bench. Then Allen swats away Payne's finger, stands up and tries to punch Payne.

Three other players immediately break the two up. The two were separated but would play alongside each other for the rest of the game.

Payne later said the incident was "Just a little brotherly disagreement; maybe the wrong place, wrong time, but it happened." He says the two have patched things up.

The WFT play the final two games of the season against their other division rivals the Eagles and Giants.

Source: ESPN

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