PG County Officials Plan to Catch Loose Zebras By Using More Zebras

After zebras have been on the loose in Prince George's County for nearly two months, officials are ready to try something new in hopes of wrangling the exotic animals.

Three zebras escaped from a farm in Upper Marlboro in early September. Days later, one died after getting stuck in an illegal snare trap but the other two are still on the loose.

According to the Maryland's Department of Natural Resources, a new plan will use more zebras to catch the zebras.

They say that two other zebras from the same herd owned by the person who owns them are being isolated in a corral with food. The hope is that the zebras on the loose will come to the corral and return to the herd.

The plan was formulated by the Prince George's County Animal Services, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the owner. Veterinarians and officials think that the plan is the best way to capture the two loose zebras.

Anyone who spots the two roaming zebras is being asked to report them to PGC311.


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