Woody Harrelson Punches Rude Man on Top of DC's Watergate Hotel

Giffoni Film Festival 2019 - Day 2

Photo: Getty Images

Actor Woody Harrelson, who has been in the Washington, DC area lately as part of an HBO shoot for a series based on the Watergate scandal, got into a scuffle last night on top of the Watergate Hotel.

Harrelson was reportedly enjoying some free time with his daughters on the rooftop bar at the hotel when a man started taking photos of Woody and his kids. According to witnesses, the man was intoxicated. Harrelson reportedly asked the man to stop taking photos, but he did not comply with the request. Harrelson and others claim that an argument broke out afterwards and that the man lunged at Harrelson "in an attempt to grab his neck."

It was then that Harrelson punched the man in an act of self-defense, say witnesses to corroborated the story. The man has not been named and is the only one facing charges since he allegedly started the confrontation.

Source: uproxx.com

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