GW Parkway Is Going on a 'Road Diet' Starting in October

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The National Park Service say they are putting the George Washington Memorial Parkway on a "road diet" starting in early October.

What does that mean?

The NPS will be re-striping parts of the parkway in a way they say will make it safer for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

A report says of the changes:

The NPS will restripe the road between the City of Alexandria and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate to create just one southbound lane instead of two, a turning lane and two northbound lanes between Stratford Lane (near Mount Vernon Estate) and Tulane Drive (just south of Belle View).

In addition, new signs will be erected and vegetation will be trimmed to aid with visibility on the roads.

The NPS claim the forthcoming work will "not change the road’s ability to accommodate pre-COVID-19 levels of traffic."

Source: Alexandria Living

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