Animal Control Still Trying to Catch Zebras Running Loose in Maryland

Animal control is still trying to catch a bunch of zebras that are still on the loose after they escaped from a Prince George's County farm two weeks ago.

At first, animal control set up a feeding station in hopes that they could lure the zebras back to the farm, but it hasn't worked.

Now, they are building an 8-foot tall corral in the vicinity where the zebras have been seen grazing in Upper Marlboro.

Rodney Taylor from Prince George's Animal Control says, "They are animals that you just can't walk up and put a lasso on. They're going to run away from you."

The zebras are owned by Jerry Holly, who collects and trades exotic animals. He reportedly brought 39 zebras to his farm last month.

The zebras have become an internet phenomenon and have inspired memes.

Source: NBC Washington

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