Trivia Meets Travel In Your New Favorite App: Triviappolis

Photo: Donnie Edgemon

There's a new app on the market that takes two favorite past times, travel and trivia, and brings them together in the new app, Triviappolis. the app is available for free in both the Apple and Google play store HERE.

I had the opportunity to speak with co-creator Donnie Edgemon about how the app came about. (It's quite a story) As well as how the app works and what you should expect when you play.

The app is pretty pretty simple, but fun. It's difficult, but not too difficult. Select a city you are traveling to, or just want to learn more about, and answer a series of questions pertaining to that city. All the questions are written by Donnie and his team. Donnie, being form Washington DC, wrote the questions for DC.

Recently the app launched a multi-player mode that allows you to play against other people.

You can listen to the full interview below. While you do that, download Triviappolis HERE.

Donnie Edgemon WONK FM Interview

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