DC Woman Says a Trash Truck Punched a Huge Hole in Her House

A DC woman came home to some unexpected renovations to her home when she noticed a large hole in the side of her house where bricks had been dislodged.

"I couldn't believe it," says Melinda McKay, who lives on Adams Street NW. McKay says a large radiator was also dislodged and a window air conditioning unit was smashed on the ground outside.

One of her neighbors, who has a surveillance video, showed Melinda what she thinks might have happened. The video showed a trash truck stopped in the alley where the damages occurred.

She says she has reached out to her DC Council member as well as the District of Public Works but hasn't heard back yet. Local news media has also attempted to contact the DC Department of Transportation.

"I can't imagine how you could do, like, this whole damage, all the way down the house, rip this out, push in all the bricks and just leave," says McKay.

Source: NBC Washington

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