Daily $40K Winner for Vaccinated Marylanders Starts Today

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The first winner of VaxCash, the state of Maryland's partnership with the MD Lottery which gives any eligible Maryland resident a chance to win $40,000 every day, has been announced.

Every day from now until July 4, one winner will be announced as the winner of $40,000. All Maryland residents ages 18 years and older who have received the COVID-19 vaccination at a site in Maryland, other than a Federally operated site, are automatically entered as long as they used a Maryland mailing address when they registered for their vaccination.

On July 4, one final grand prize winner will be announced as part of the VaxCash promotion. That person will win $400,000. In total, $2M in prizes will be given out.

There are no extra steps needed for Maryland residents to be entered into the drawings, as long as they registered with a Maryland address, are at least 18 years or older, have received at least one dose of a vaccine, and were given the dose(s) at a Maryland vaccination site. It does not matter when the vaccinations were administered in order to be eligible to win.

How will you know if you're selected as a winner?

According to the page on the Maryland Lottery's website, "Winners will first receive a notification from the Maryland Department of Health, which will send each winner a “$2 Million VaxCash Promotion Authorization Form” that will allow the Maryland Department of Health to release information to the Maryland Lottery. Winners must sign and return the authorization form to the Maryland Department of Health in order to accept the prize."

And if you're a winner, you can choose to remain anonymous. Only their location will be shared: "For winners from larger towns with populations of 60,000 or more, the location of the winners’ hometowns will be published. For winners from smaller towns, only the winners’ home counties will be published."

If you have yet to be vaccinated, you can still receive your shot(s) and be entered into the drawings: "The last drawing of the promotion will be held on July 4, 2021. You must be vaccinated, and a record of your vaccination must be received and accepted as valid in the State of Maryland’s Immunization Information System, ImmuNet, by 11:59:59 p.m. on July 3, 2021 to be eligible."

See the page on mdlottery.com for more details on the promotion.

Source: FOX 5 DC

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