Leesburg Restaurant Is Now Offering Delicious Cicada Tacos on Its Menu

There is definitely no shortage of cicadas in the DMV region. And there's definitely nothing stopping humans from eating them either.

So that's why Cocina on Market in Leesburg, Virginia has decided to tap in to the plentiful supply of protein and is offering them on their menu in the form of tacos. And they're a hit.

Chef Tobias Padovano says, "More and more people keep coming to the restaurant itself to say, 'Hey, do you have the cicadas ready yet?'"

Since the restaurant regularly offers tacos with grasshoppers on them, Padovano says the transition to using cicadas instead was an easy one.

To prepare them, Padovano collects a bunch of cicadas from the wild (also known as everywhere), boils them, bakes them and removes their legs and wings, and then sautees them in onion and garlic.

To make the tacos, the prepared cicadas are then put in a flour tortilla and topped with serrano chile, avocado and radish in a mole verde sauce.

Of the feedback people have given after trying the tacos, some say you can definitely notice the crunch when biting in. Other say the taste is just like shrimp.

Would you give them a try?

Source: NYPost.com

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