Maryland Man on Lawnmower Waits in Long Line for Gas in Rockville

Motorists all along the East Coast are feeling the frustration as panic buying of gasoline has taken hold of the region. At the current rate, almost half of gas stations in Maryland will have had fuel outages within the next few days.

Some truly jaw-dropping moments have been seen at the pump as people try to get a much gas as they can, with plastic bags, Tupperware, clothes hampers and other objects not meant to store fuel are being used.

Another eyebrow-raising moment happened in Rockville, Maryland yesterday when FOX 5 DC cameras monitoring the situation from a helicopter captured a man on a lawnmower waiting in a long line.

"A long time" later, the man on the mower was spotted again, having made it to a pump and filling up some containers. It makes you wonder about the people who get fuel themselves in order to run equipment they need for their businesses and the stress they are feeling right now. Hopefully this is all over soon.


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