Maryland Dude Filling Up His Entire Tupperware Collection with Gasoline

Make no mistake, we're in the midst of a gas shortage. Whether or not there's really a shortage or people are panic buying and causing the shortage is up for debate. But people panic buying on the East Coast is for sure a fact.

And they're not just topping off their tanks. Tons of people are pulling up to the pump with gas cans aplenty to stock up.

By now you might have seen the number of videos floating around with people pouring gas into all kinds of unconventional containers. But we have reached a new level.

A man was seen at a Carroll Fuel in Halethorpe, Maryland filling up what appears to be an entire 32-piece set of Tupperware with gas. I'm just throwing out words at this point but that has to be a pain in the butt to try and transfer fuel from a bunch of small containers.

Wonder if the people going to these lengths are still using the toilet paper they bought last year...

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