President Joe Biden Implementing Exec Actions On Gun Violence

President Biden

(Washington, DC) -- President Biden is implementing a series of executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence. The moves follow last month's deadly mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado. During a Rose Garden event, Biden called gun violence a public health crisis and an epidemic that is an "international embarrassment." He added, "Enough!" Vice President Harris said she has seen the trauma of too many families who have lost loved ones to acts of gun violence. She asked, "What are we waiting for?" Harris said solutions can be found with the "will and the courage to act."

Biden noted staggering economic impacts that are linked to gun violence in the U.S., including hospital bills and the costs of long-term follow-up care. Presidents are limited in what they can do on gun violence without broader action by the House and Senate. Senators will soon take up House-passed legislation expanding background checks, but it faces a rough road in the tightly-divided Senate. Biden said there is overwhelming public support for an expansion of background checks for purchases of firearms.

President Biden also called for ending liability protections for gun manufacturers, saying it would lead to a "come to the Lord" moment. He also asked Congress to ban assault weapons, require background checks for guns bought at gun shows, close loopholes, and reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

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