COVID Relief Passes

Stimulus Passed

(Washington, DC) -- A massive coronavirus relief bill is heading to President Biden's desk after being passed by the House. The nearly two-trillion-dollar package includes direct 14-hundred-dollar stimulus payments to many Americans, as well as extended unemployment benefits.

President Biden

President Biden is confirming he'll sign the nearly two-trillion-dollar stimulus bill on Friday. In a statement, Biden said the voices of Americans were heard as the House gave final approval to the measure today. Biden said the work begins now on getting more vaccines to people and giving many Americans 14-hundred-dollar checks. Biden also singled out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her work in getting the bill over the finish line.

The Biden Administration is cheering passage of the massive stimulus bill. In a tweet, the White House said the nearly two-trillion-dollar package will help get America to the other side of the coronavirus pandemic. The tweet also made reference to the 14-hundred-dollar checks many Americans will receive as part of the package.

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