Plenty Of Office Space Inventory In SF, Concern For Post Pandemic Workforce

Companies are rethinking their office space needs during the pandemic.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Once one of the most competitive office space markets, San Francisco is looking at its largest stockpile of unoccupied office space in nearly a decade.

The Chronicle says the city's office vacancy rate rose by 14 percent last month, and was up 10 percent in the last quarter. Year-over-year vacancies are up more than five percent.

Pinterest made news in August when they cancelled a large planned development on 5th Street near the Caltrain station. As the majority of the city's workforce stays at home for now, their absence is hurting scores of downtown small businesses, retailers, restaurants, and public transit agencies.

While companies are rethinking their overhead costs, motivational speaker and business-owner Troy Nix talks with 104.7 WONK FM's Jen Richer about how to keep you eye on rebuilding after the pandemic. Listen to the full interview here:

Troy Nix

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