National Portrait Gallery Launches Season 2 of Popular "Portraits' Podcast

National Portrait Gallery

WASHINGTON, DC -- While the National Portrait Gallery has been closed to the public under the coronavirus pandemic over the past few months, Director Kim Sajet says the museum has been working harder than ever to bring the collection to the public virtually, including the launch of their podcast's second season.

“We’ve been doing what most art institutions have been doing, which is what we call the pivot, which is really to say, how can we open our doors, but virtually," Director Kim Sajet tells 104.7 WONK FM's Jen Richer. "Right out of the gate we were really excited, we had a ton of exhibitions that you could already go and see in a virtual environment, our portrait competition is online, a walk through America’s presidents, a google platform where we have a lot of our exhibitions you can literally walk through went up 800 percent within a couple of weeks of the pandemic.”

Listen to the full interview with 104.7 WONK FM's Jen Richer here:

Kim Sajet

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