Institute Establishes Inclusive Workplaces Through Judgement-Free Training

 A judgment-free teaching process is the key to unlocking success.

WASHINGTON, DC -- In light of the past weeks demonstrations, companies are being asked to take a hard look at how they do business when it comes to ensuring an inclusive workforce.

Dr. Towanna Burrous says diversity and inclusion training “is one of those trending skills that a lot of leaders are adding to their abilities to connect more with people.”

Burrous left a career in government and science when she realized, as she was moving up the management ladder, a universal need for inclusive, diverse staffs. She was able to unlock the potential of her teams and decided to launch the CoachDiversity Institute as a way to share her insight with other teams.

The CoachDiversity Institute offers a range of training from certification programs to personalized team coaching. Burrous says one of the biggest misconceptions about training though it that people expect “that you’re going to have this lecture style of learning of a new skill.”

The program differs from most training programs is that it is experiential based. The student is asked to learn through process and work to break down the barriers they bring to the Institute in order to better understand their own prejudices before working to understand their potential staff and clients.

Burrous finds her judgment-free teaching process has been the key to unlocking success for her students and organizations. She says, “It’s the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done.”

For more information on The CoachDiversity Institute and Dr. Towanna Burrous here.

Diversity Training

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