Virginia to take a staggered approach to reopening schools

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RICHMOND, VA —Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said Tuesday that the state will take a staggered approach to reopening schools. They will open this fall in a three-phase approach. It which will involve a combination of both remote and in-person instruction.

Health screenings for students and staff will be conducted on a daily basis and all school administrators will be required to wear masks.

Students are strongly encouraged to also wear masks.

Schools will have to abide by the Centers for Disease Control guidelines on social distancing, ensuring desks are at least six feet apart.

All schools will be required to submit their plans for reopening to the Virginia Department of Education by the end of June.

Phase 1:

Remote Instruction continues for most students. Special Education students and childcare for working families can be done in-person.

Phase 2:

In-person instruction is allowed for Special Education classes, ESL classes, camps, and grades K through 3.

Phase 3:

All students may begin to receive in-person instruction. Schools must still take a staggered approach and offer a hybrid-blend of both remote and in-person instruction.

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