Monday Protests in Baltimore MD Largely Peaceful

Protests Continue across the country.

BALTIMORE, MD -- The Monday afternoon and evening protests over the police death of George Floyd were peaceful in Baltimore but last night the situation became more tense as a smaller group refused to leave the downtown area.

More than a thousand demonstrators marched to City Hall to call for an end to police brutality but as the night wore on, the Baltimore Police Department activated Maryland State Police to assist with moderate crowd control.

By midnight police began to disperse the dwindling crowd by advancing their line and in the overnight hours they continued to monitor a small group that would not leave. Several arrests were made throughout the evening. Baltimore is not currently under a curfew, but that may change after city leaders assess the situation.

Social activist Kwame Rose tweeted that outside agitators brought fireworks to the protest and disrupted everything and he told people to leave. A man has been arrested for shooting fireworks at police officers during a demonstration at East Baltimore and South streets.

According to City Councilman Eric Costello, members of a community group turned the suspect over to police. No identity has been released on the suspect, and there is no word on what if any charges the suspect will face in the case.

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