How to Build Savings, Even In Unemployment

Amid Covid-19 Pandemic America Prepares For Easter Sunday

WASHINGTON, DC -- With nearly 17 million workers filing unemployment claims in the past three weeks, the thought of building up your savings under the coronavirus pandemic conditions, but the CEO of Larrea Wealth Management, Aquiles Larrea, says its more critical than ever to try.

A new poll says Americans fear the pandemic will leave the U.S. in a recession.CBS News asked a sample of Americans what they think the impact of the coronavirus will be on the U.S. economy. A majority, 37 percent, said they feared it will lead to a recession, and 23 percent predicted a depression. 36 percent, however, said the pandemic will lead to only a temporary downturn.

The poll also found that 63 percent of Americans are stressed about their personal finances because of the pandemic, and 34 percent are worried about paying their household bills.

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Jen Richer with Aquiles Larrea

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