Rep. Ro Khanna and Sen. Warren Propose 'Essential Workers Bill Of Rights'

Essential Workers Keep Businesses Open And Serve Customers During COVID-19 Pandemic

SANTA CLARA, CA — Santa Clara-based U.S. Representative Ro Khanna is teaming up with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to propose a federal "Essential Workers Bill of Rights" for frontline workers across the country, which they hope will be covered in the next coronavirus stimulus package.

The proposal requests 10 things related to the physical and financial health and wellness of healthcare workers, federal and state employees, grocers, pharmacists, and janitors who are considered essential during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rights include healthcare, childcare, increased workplace protections, and universal paid sick leave and family medical leave, among others. Khanna and Warren are also asking for oversight of employers and safeguards for whistleblowers, allowing staff to report poor working conditions.

To date, coronavirus cases are closing in on 2 million around the world. Johns Hopkins University reports this morning that nearly 120,000 thousand people have died.

In the U.S., more than 23,500 have died from the virus.Europe's hardest-hit country, Italy, eased restrictions slightly today, when it allowed bookstores and children's clothing stores to reopen.

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