FDA Grants Approval For COVID-19 Saliva Test


NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ -- The FDA is granting emergency approval for a coronavirus saliva test developed by researchers at Rutgers University.

The newly authorized test only requires a spit sample and does not rely on nose and throat swabs like other tests. Experts say it could greatly increase the number of COVID-19 screenings while alleviating the global shortage of swabs and other equipment needed for existing tests.

Rutgers professor Andrew Brooks calls the new test "a game-changer." The university says the test will be available to Middlesex County residents at a drive-thru testing facility in Edison, New Jersey starting Wednesday.

Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the "worst is over" in the state's fight against coronavirus. He adds that things will improve further over the coming months, as medical treatments expand, and scientists learn more about COVID-19.

The governor compares re-starting the economy and society in general to the gradual opening of a valve, while watching the overall infection rate, so as to not undo progress.

Governor Cuomo is working with five other states in developing a reopening plan as cases of COVID-19 decrease.Besides New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Rhode Island will form joint panels with public health an economic officials to try and figure out how to get their economies going again.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said his state has not yet plateaued, but the plan appears to be a prudent approach.Cuomo added the states look to reopen with a smart plan, so it doesn't back-fire.

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