Health Departments Guide Lines to Follow

New York City Hospital Adds New Protocols And Triage To Address Coronavirus

WASHINGTON, DC– With the number of those infected with the coronavirus rising, the U.S. is now leading in confirmed cases,passing both Italy and China. 

There are more than 85,000 cases of COVID-19 in America, and nearly 1,300 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University.

Health departments countrywide have posted guide lines for the public to follow.

While testing is available in every state,and more labs are beginning to test around the country: you may not be able to get tested, especially if you do not have severe symptoms.

Demands are so high that tests are largely reserved for high-risk cases, such as people with severe symptoms, other risk factors like age and complicating health conditions, and healthcare workers.

Health departments advise you to contact your primary care provider by calling and discussing your symptoms, self-isolate, stay home, and treat your symptoms until they pass,to avoid exposing others. 

However,if your symptoms become more severe, you should seek medical care, but call ahead to the provider or hospital so they can make arrangements to limit contact with other patients.

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