Race to Process COVID-19 Tests Is On

Photo Credit: Getty Images

LEHI, UT --A diagnostic testing company in Utah could help produce tests for the coronavirus, should it get approval from the FDA.

Lehi-based Co-Diagnostics says it has the capacity to produce 50,000 of the tests daily.The test is the same as the one currently being used in Europe.

There is no word on how quickly the company could receive emergency approval from the feds.

Yale is also getting into the race. A team of researchers at Yale New Haven Hospital say they've successfully replicated the COVID-19 test.

The "Yale Daily News" reports this means more people in New Haven County can be tested for the deadly virus.Virologists say a shortage of testing kits makes it hard to know exactly how many people have been infected with the disease.

A testing site will be opening soon, and should be able to test up to 50 samples a day.

President Trump says distribution of coronavirus test kits is being stepped-up as much as possible.

In addition to the challenge of keeping up with the ever-growing demand for COVID-19 tests, is the backlog labs are facing is processing them.

In Iowa, a second shift is added to Iowa's Hygienic Lab to process more COVID-19 coronavirus tests.Governor Kim Reynolds says the lab will now be able to run over 100 tests per day.She says the lab will add a third shift if it becomes necessary.

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