The Healthcare Industry Facing a Nursing Shortage Crisis

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PROVIDENCE, RI -- Nurses and CNA's say there is a staffing crisis in Rhode Island, but it could spread to nationwide.

There's now a bill in the General Assembly to address the problem. It would require that patients receive a federally recommended four hours of care per day.

It would also increase wages for caregivers and invest in training.Providence Senator Maryellen Goodwin says her bill sets minimum standards like most other states to ensure nursing home residents receive the appropriate care.

Wisconsin lawmakers are facing the same issue, but will not cut the number of hours that nursing assistants need to work in the state.

The State Assembly yesterday didn't have enough votes to overturn Governor Evers' veto of a plan to chop 45 hours of training off the state's requirements.

State Rep. Jim Steineke said going from 120 hours of training to the 75 hours that the federal government requires could help solve the state's nursing shortage.

Democrats, however, said the solution is higher pay for nurses and not less training.

In Memphis, Christian Brothers University is hoping to address a need.The school will start an entry-level Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in the fall semester.

Students will start off as Health Science majors before entering Christian Brothers' nursing program as juniors.The school hopes the program will help address the region's nursing shortage.

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