Bill Could Block National Guard Deployments Without Declaration Of War

Photo Credit: Getty Images

LANSING, MI -- A bill is before a state House committee to block the deployment of the Michigan National Guard into combat zones without a declaration of war by Congress.

West Michigan Republican Steven Johnson is the sponsor, and has co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle. He tells it's not an anti-war or pro-war bill, but rather an attempt to keep Michigan soldiers out of harm's way in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Congress has not declared war since the U.S. entered World War II.

This comes as President Trump is looking to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.Trump says it's time for Afghanistan to stand on its own.

The President defended the deal that could lead to U.S. troops being pulled out of the country.He said you can only hold someone's hand for so long.

The deal his administration signed over the weekend calls for U.S. troops to leave so long as conditions are met in Afghanistan. But the deal is already running into a snag.

Afghanistan officials, who were left out of the negotiations, are refusing to release prisoners that were part of the deal.

Taliban leaders say they will resume attacks on Afghan forces if those prisoners are not released.Many Afghans were not happy with the deal, because it provides no protections for women and they were not involved in the negotiations.

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