'Survivor' Contestant Headbutts a Competitor, Gets Kicked Off the Show

On a recent episode of the reality show Survivor in Romania, a contestant was kicked off of the show not by being voted off but for assaulting another contestant.

Ana Maria Pal, an MMA fighter on the show, is seen competing in a reward challenge but loses to her opponent. After the match ends, Andrei Ciobanu from the opposing tribe comes over to Ana and says, "It's hard, Ana. It's hard!"

Pal then headbutts Ciobanu, sending him to the ground. He reportedly suffered a broken nose as a result.

After delivering the blow, Pal says he deserved it. The producers of the show immediately kicked her off of the show, citing a breach of the show's rules with the display of unsportsmanlike conduct.

The show's presenter said following the incident, "I saw a terrible moment, a shocking moment. I saw a competitor hit in the face by another competitor. Unfortunately, Ana Pal lost her temper. What Ana did was a shocking gesture, a gesture that we hoped we would not see. We will not tolerate such behavior in Survivor, and our decision was that Ana Pal should not return to the island."

Source: DailyMail.co.uk

Photo: YouTube/Survivor Romania

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