Artificial Intelligence Could Help Fight the Coronavirus

Coronaviruses research, conceptual illustration

CARY, NC-- Artificial intelligence could become a valuable tool to help contain COVID-19.

Dr. Steve Bennett of SAS, a world leader in analytics, says it can help predict where the deadly coronavirus is going to spread by analyzing hospital, EMS and social media data.

Bennett says doctors are already using A-I at hospitals around the world to analyze lung images to be able to spot patterns that look different than normal pneumonia.He also says artificial intelligence can be used to identify and find commonalities within localized outbreaks of this new coronavirus.

The death toll has now topped 2,100 with only eight of those reported outside China.New numbers out yesterday show cases have soared as well to over 76,000.

Still, businesses are starting to reopen in China and some highway checkpoints are ending.But Beijing isn't taking any chances.Almost half a million people will be sealed off.Several regions across the country are also banning cash as a way to stop the virus from spreading.

Outside of China the virus is also spreading. South Korea reported its first death from the infection on Wednesday, and Japan's health ministry confirmed the deaths of two elderly passengers who were on the Diamond Princess.

The ship, and its more than three-thousand passengers and crew were quarantined off the port of Yokohama, near Tokyo.The health ministry website said the victims were both in their 80s and they died after returning to shore from the ship where more than 600 people were infected.

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