Twitter Seeks To Crack Down on Online Abuse

Hate Speech on keyboard

LAS VEGAS, NV — Twitter is planning to restrict which people can reply to a user's tweet in an effort to fight online abuse. The social media giant will add four settings for replies that will be available to users some time early this year.

The company introduced the concept at the CES tech conference. Users will be able to choose to allow everyone to apply, just their followers, only people mentioned in the tweet, or no one.

The social media platform also announced it will work to take down manipulated material. Twitter is stopping just short of an outright ban, but says it will label or remove any posted material that has been digitally altered.

The social media giant announced on Tuesday it would start doing so in March.Twitter's statement says it finds a balance, allowing parody while removing disinformation.

“It’s our responsibility to create rules on Twitter that are fair and set clear expectations for everyone on our service,” the social media platform said in a blog post.

Twitter said it will apply several tests to determine if an altered photo or video should be labeled or removed.The standard for removal is if the manipulation might have an impact on public safety or cause serious harm.

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