DHS Says Iowa Democrats Wouldn't Let Them Test App

Technical Difficulties Continue To Delay Iowa Caucus Results

WASHINGTON, DC -- Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf claims that Iowa Democrats wouldn't allow them to test the app they used to collect caucus results.

Wolf said during an interview on Fox News they made the offer to test it for hacking purposes.He said that they do not see any attempt of malicious cyber-activity.

Officials in Iowa said a coding issue led to the delay in reporting results from Monday's caucuses.He added it does hurt the public's confidence in U.S. elections.

The caucus issue has opened the process up to harsh criticism. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers weighed in on Iowa's caucus reporting issues during a news conference Tuesday.

Evers questioned the caucus process and whether or not Iowa deserves to be first-in-the-nation.Evers said he believes there's voter suppression in Iowa and that they should look at something different when choosing which state is first-in-the-nation.

Wednesday afternoon The Iowa Democratic Party released more results from the caucus. The party released an additional four-percent of precinct results, bringing the total to 75 percent of all precincts reporting from all 99 of Iowa's counties.

Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg remains in the lead with 27 percent of the state's delegates.Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders remains neck-and-neck with Buttigieg at 25 percent.

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