Free Tax Preparation Services Available for Military Service Members

Tax filing season is here! And, military service members can get free tax preparation services this tax season.

The MilTax program offers a do-it-yourself electronic filing system. With the software, you also get personalized support from a tax consultant.

The program is open to active duty, their families, National Guard members, reservists, survivors and veterans who have left the military in the last year. For a single service member with even a very basic tax return, that could mean savings over a $100. With MilTax, they can file federal and up to three state tax returns for free.

Every year, about 200,000 military families use the free service. Don’t forget, the deadline for filing is April 15, but if you are a military member serving in the combat zone or a contingency operation, you get an extension of at least 180 days to file and pay.

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