VA Senator Kaine to Congress, Take more seriously your power to declare war

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RICHMOND, VA — Virginia Senator Tim Kaine wants Congress to take more seriously its power to declare war. Senator Kaine appeared on CBS's Face The Nation and said it's time for Congress to debate a resolution he has put forward that says if Congress doesn't authorize a war against Iran, it doesn't happen.

Kaine ripped Congress for dodging votes on going to war, saying they should have the courage to make those tough decisions.

He says he has the votes to pass a resolution in the Senate with the needed Republican Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Todd Young, and Susan Collins as co-sponsors of the bill, which would bring the total number of supporters to 51, a simple majority of the Senate needed for passage.

"Over the past decade, Congress has too often abdicated its constitutional responsibilities on authorizing the sustained use of military force," Senator Susan Collins said in a statement. "Although the President as Commander in Chief has the power to lead and defend our armed forces and to respond to imminent attacks, no President has the authority to commit our military to a war."

Meanwhile, the White House brushed off a House resolution to limit President Trump's military action against Iran.

In a statement, the deputy press secretary said Trump has the "right and duty" to keep the country safe from terrorism.Three GOP lawmakers voted with Democrats and eight Dems voted against the measure.

But just hours after the House voted on a resolution to limit the President’s war powers, Trump held a rally in Ohio, his first of the year.

Tensions have been high since he ordered the killing of Iran's top general earlier this year.

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