Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Z Flip on February 11

Close-up of a woman's finger using a mobile phone

What’s old is new again. Foldable phones are coming back in a major way.

Samsung is getting ready to unveil the Galaxy Z Flip on February 11. The new flip phone from the world’s largest phone maker is expected to flip up like the Motorola Razr instead of opening into a small tablet like the previous Galaxy Fold. The Z Flip will come in a large premium device and soon to follow, a simpler phone with a smaller screen.

Why should we want to go back to the days of the flip? Rumors suggest the Galaxy Z Flip will be the first foldable design with an ultra thin glass screen, not plastic. It would be a vertical flip phone with a smaller screen than their earlier attempt at a flip, the Galaxy Fold, that actually flopped. It is also expected to have tighter seals between the display and the folding mechanism, come in a tamper proof material and a reinforced OLED display.

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