Delta Workers Get an Extra Two Months Pay as Part of a Profit-sharing Plan


ATLANTA, GA — The friendly skies are adding up for Delta workers.They're getting an extra two months pay as part of a profit-sharing plan.

Delta's CEO says the company is nothing without its 90,000 employees and "they deserve all the credit."

The payout is a thanks for a strong performance last year and is said to be a record amount.It's also the sixth year in a row Delta has paid out more than a billion dollars to workers.

The company also hopes the money will infuse communities with extra cash as well.

“Profit sharing by corporations is one of the best ways to help an economy,” Emory University economist Jeff Rosensweig said in a Delta statement.

“Although some of these increments to income will be saved or spent outside of the local economy, much of it will be plowed into increased purchases from local businesses. Further, given the location of many Delta employees in Atlanta, a significant amount of their spending will boost minority and women-owned businesses,” Rosenweig said.

Delta Air Lines' fourth quarter profit beat Wall Street estimates, thanks to lower fuel prices and strong demand for high-priced premium tickets.

Delta reports per-share adjusted earnings of $1.70, compared with analysts' expectations of $1.40 a share.

Delta's net income of $1.1 billion dollars is up eight-percent from the fourth quarter of 2018 and revenues were up six-percent year-over-year.

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