Tong, Blumenthal Holding Robocall Summit

3d illustration: mobile phone with robot calling.   The machine calls customers with annoying ads, dials the phone number randomly. Spambot, robocalls concept.

HARTFORD, CT -- The State Attorney General for Connecticut William Tong and U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal are holding a summit on robocalls.

They're backing federal legislation that would address the problem of the intrusive and annoying calls, many of which are scams that bilk consumers out of money.

Senator Blumenthal said in a statement last year, "Households across the country are harangued daily by millions of robocalls. At best robocalls are a nuisance, and at worst, they threaten unsuspecting consumers with financial scams"

The goal of the summit, among other things, is to focus on actions both state and federal officials can take to protect consumers.

Ian Barlow, Coordinator of the Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call Program, says automated calls with a recorded message are "by far" the number one complaint the agency receives.

AARP, Longtime advocates for robocall legislation, was also a participant at the summit.

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