Hassan Introduces Bipartisan Cyber Security Bill

Napolitano Tours Cyber Crimes Center At ICE Office In Fairfax

WASHINGTON, DC —Bipartisan legislation introduced by New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan and Republican Ohio Senator Rob Portman to strengthen cyber security in the public and private sector is expected to be signed into law.

It's included in the final budget agreement to fund the government for the next fiscal year.

The bill requires the Department of Homeland Security to make permanent cyber hunt and cyber incident response teams help stop and/or mitigate the impact of cyber attacks.

The Department of Homeland Security Cyber Hunt and Incident Response Teams Act also authorizes DHS to include private sector experts on the teams to weigh in on non-governmental cyber expertise.

The bill aims to give local governments help and resources after a cyber attack.

“As cyber threats become increasingly common, it is crucial that everyone from the federal government to local governments like Strafford County have the resources and support that they need to strengthen their cybersecurity,” Senator Hassan said in a statement.

Hassan says it's clear that more must be done to strengthen cyber security at every level.

“This bipartisan legislation will allow the best minds in cybersecurity to work together to better protect our digital infrastructure and to respond to attacks. I am pleased that this commonsense bill passed the Senate, and I urge my colleagues in the House to pass it without delay.”

Pensacola, Florida is the latest locality to suffer a cyber attack with ransomware demanding $76,000 dollars.

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