SpaceX Marks Successful Rocket Launch

SpaceX Falcon Heavy DoD STP-2 Launch

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL — SpaceX can celebrate a successful launch. The company sent a Falcon 9 rocket into space from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The rocket was carrying a communications satellite for Asia and the Pacific.

One problem, though, was the rocket's fairing halves could not be recovered by ships waiting in the Atlantic Ocean.

This is the 13th mission of the year, carrying satellite for a Singapore-based startup andJapanese broadband provider.

The satellite, built by Boeing, will provide Ka-band internet coverage for countries in the South Pacific, especially beneficial for remote provinces and villages which previously relied on service cobbled together from nearby satellites.

It will orbit over the Asia-Pacific region where ground stations will create internet hot spots in places where Earth-based connectivity isn't possible.The only downside of last night's launch is that ships weren't able to recover the rocket's fairing halves to be used again.

Consistent broadband access is critical for remote hospitals and schools, which was becoming a regular challenge.

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