USPS Operation Santa Needs More Letters

Letter to Father Christmas

WASHINGTON, DC— The United States Postal Services is asking for more letters to Santa.

This year for the first time the Postal Service's Operation Santa is posting letters to Santa online so Secret Santas can read them and respond with letters and gifts for needy kids.

The online campaign, though, has been so successful, that all of the letters have been snapped up.

Kim Frum with the USPS says while it is a good problem to have, "we are encouraging everyone to send in their letters so we can get more uploaded to the site to help as many kids as we can."

The Postal Service says it began receiving letters to Santa more than 100 years ago. Most of the letters ask for toys, but some ask for basic necessities or help for themselves or loved ones.

According to the USPS website, “In 1912 Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock authorized local Postmasters to allow postal employees and citizens to respond to the letters — a program that eventually became known as Operation Santa.”

Charities and customers began to get involved in sending responses and gifts.

Customers can adopt a letter for Santa to respond to by filling out a form and showing valid ID online or in person. All personal information from the original letter writer is redacted.

The Post Office Department also admits, not all letters make it to the North Pole, only letters addressed to the specific North Pole address will be sent there. Most of the letters addressed to “Santa” or “the North Pole” will be processed and sent to a default area.

USPS Operation Santa Needs More Letters

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