Man In Jet-Powered Suit Flies By Aircraft Carrier


ANNAPOLIS, MD —A man in a jet-powered suit is testing his invention in Annapolis.Ex-Royal Marines Reservist Richard Browing jumped off the British aircraft carrier Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth during its recent visit to the United States.

The carrier was docked in Annapolis for the Atlantic Future Forum conference that focused on improving security innovations and defense practices between the Naval Academy and the Royal Navy.

The ship is concluding its training exercises off the US Atlantic coast as it prepares for its first deployment in 2021.

Adm. Tony Radakin, the First Sea Lord and U.K. Chief of Naval Staff, addressed the second Atlantic Future Forum, saying the new ship is an indication that Great Britain is returning to carrier-based fixed-wing flight operations after a decade-long hiatus. He said it was also a sign of the partnership between the U.K. and the U.S.

“As she has demonstrated already, we can successfully field a combined U.S., U.K. carrier strike group,” Radakin said. “I look forward to this developing further, moving to the point where we are not only talking about interoperability, but we are looking for interchangeability. ”

The aircraft carrier is a big one - more than three football fields long and it can carry up to 70 fighter planes.

Browning is reportedly working with the Royal Navy on his jet-powered suit. The estimated cost of one suit is $440,000 dollars.

Man In Jet Powered Suit Flies By Aircraft Carrier

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